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 Do you want to Support Your Body and Always stay Healthy and Well through Natural Means?


 Are you seeking to Strengthen your Body, Heal your Spirit, Clear your Mind?


Then you are in the right place! 


Traditional Chinese Medicine is not just a health care system it’s a philosophy. A natural approach to improving your health and managing your pain. 

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   Every person wants to feel good, to feel a surge of strength, to have a good mood and enjoy life. But unfortunately for most it is not that easy. Of course, there are some people who have been blessed with good health. However, the average modern urban dweller has been diagnosed with one or two conditions, has a notable patient record, in addition to fatigue, irritability, and general discomfort in the body. He blames his fate, stress, incompetent doctors, food, the environment, etc. Of course, one can always put the blame on all the external factors, but as a rule it is fruitless. Only the desire to be healthy can change your life. To make a decision and take responsibility for the well-being of your own body and soul - is the first step on the Path to health and wellness.

   Maintaining your health - is, above all, the capability to hear and understand your body. When a person realizes and comprehends the problem, finding the way to solve it is always easier. This ability can be learned. In this respect the knowledge of Traditiona Eastern/Chinese medicine is particularly valuable.

   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - is a great tool to manage your own well-being, which allows you to maintain health and fight disease without resorting to conventional drug therapy. It provides valuable knowledge and skills that have been helping to prevent disease and preserve health of the emperors and common people alike.


   TCM is based on the concept and the fact that a person – is a whole, and the changes taking place in one of the organs that affect the state of the entire body. Therefore, the TCM treatment includes the theory of disease, and unique methods of treatment, different from the methods of conventional Western medicine. Where Western medicine is powerless to cure a number of diseases, the Chinese medicine gives a chance of recovery to everyone as it offers to treat the cause of the disease rather than its manifestations.



What to do, when the conventional approach fails to help?


Conventional methods of treatment may often relieve the symptoms, at expense of crippling side effects. The disease - is looked at as a "breakdown" of "biological mechanism" that needs to be quickly "fixed". In Traditional Eastern medicine, the approach to the disease and a person are fundamentally different in three different ways:


To benefit from nature - without forcing the body to stress and overload. By use of medicinal properties of herbs, heat, cold, acupuncture, manual therapies, and many other modalities. All these therapies people have used for thousands of years. For example, herbal medicine almost 200,000 years old, even today 85 plants from the list of regularly prescribed herbs are included in the daily diet in China, Korea and Tibet.


To search for the root cause - a person’s health depends on the harmony of body, mind and spirit. If the balance is disturbed, the disease arises. Even if there are no obvious symptoms. Symptoms of any disease - is the body’s attempt to recover that balance. One of the ways, unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine, physician uses to identify where the failure occurred - is the pulse diagnosis. TCM describes dozens of different kinds of pulses. Each of them shows a current condition of an organ. Which of its functions has suffered, and how far is the progression of disease.


To restore the balance and maintain it - the human body has a powerful potential to heal itself. The task of the doctor of traditional Oriental medicine is - to start, to facilitate and accelerate this process. One of the ways is - acupuncture. This method restores the disturbed equilibrium, and the normal circulation of the bodies vital energy, as well as stop the further spread of the disease.


Here at Damir Malikov Acupuncture and Natural Medicine we highly value our reputation. Therefore we try to avoid ineffective or unsafe methods of treatment and diagnostics. Moreover, only in the skilled and capable hands the desired result is achieved.



Remember: the outcome of the treatment depends on you: your desire to be healthy; your patience and your compliance to follow the physicians’ advice.



You can keep wondering how your problems have accumulated like a "snowball", despite the drugs and injections. Or you can try a safe and effective treatment. The choice is yours. Do not delay any longer and Call Today to book your appointment (323) 422-6563  Act Now!
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