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Chinese Manual Therapies

Manual therapy for Pain relieve

Tui Na
Tui Na is a form of Ancient Chinese Manual therapy which often combined with acupuncture to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. It is a body manipulation system that uses acupressure points, meridians, joint manipulation. Our physician may use traction, massage, and other manual therapy techniques to promote circulation, improve range of motions and reduce pain. It is commonly used in cases of acute and chronic pain and especially suitable for orthopedic patients in an addition to the regular acupuncture treatment. 

















Gua Sha
Gua Sha (loosely translates into: “Scrape away the disease”) is an ancient but widely practiced Asian healing technique. The technique involves the cutaneous stimulations where the surface of the pre-oiled skin is firmly pressed down with a smooth edged tool, and moved in slow strokes along the muscles or acupuncture meridians, this often results in appearance of “Sha” the redness, caused by extravasation of blood from capillaries and usually take 2-4 days to fade. The purpose of raising “Sha” is to remove the stagnation of blood and lymph in local tissues, and expel pathogenic factors from the surface of the skin. 


Gua Sha massage improves blood circulation in the areas affected by the disease, increased lymphatic flow, removes swelling, decreases related pain, relieves muscle spasms and increases joint mobility. Gua Sha relieves inflammation in the body and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system: improves sleep, appetite, increases the overall tone.


The procedure is done with a special too or a buffalo horn with the special oil to lubricate skin. The procedure is almost painless. The skin often becomes red in the place of the treatment, however all traces of the procedure will disappear after 2-3 days


Moreover, the color of “Sha” is often used as a diagnostic and prognostic sign: dark purple - indicates sever blood stasis, pain or a chronic problem; Bright red or pale - would indicate blood deficiency due to anemia or poor circulation. Gua Sha is commonly used to treat mostly excess and acute Respiratory conditions, Digestive disorders and chronic pain.  It is a great way to promote circulation to the injured tissues. Your physician may offer this treatment as a part of your treatment protocol if it is appropriate in your individual case. 


Gua Sha for Pain relieve and Upper respiratory problems
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