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Natural Herbal Medicine

Natural Herbal Remedies, LA, CA

Use of herbs (of the plant and animal origins) for the medicinal purposes, to cure disease and prevent illness predates civilizations. Even animals use herbs for their beneficial qualities. In traditional oriental medicine herbal remedies are used achieve and maintain wellness. The modern Conventional Chinese hospitals have integrated herbal extracts to be used in teas, pellets, ointments and even injections to treat various diseases alongside the synthesized pharmaceuticals. Herbs can have a powerful effect on your health with minimal side effects.

At D.R.Malikov Acupuncture & Natural medicine we use various herbs from Chinese and sometimes herbs from other parts of the world to best suit the individual needs of each patient. Herbs are often used in combinations called Formulas or Concoctions, to amplify the effect and achieve the highest potency, in addition to addressing the unique set of problems each patient presents with. In our clinic we proudly use only the Medical grade herbs that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and pre-screened. You can talk to our highly trained physicians about any concerns on how herb may interact with your current medication or discuss how herbs can improve your and help you achieve optimal wellness. 

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