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Client Testimonials

Great Acupuncturist, Perfect location, very Relaxing atmosphere. 


​​   "After a complete detox, I felt like I was flying. My headaches were gone, I was sleeping better, my liver didn't hurt anymore, my bowel movements became regular and my constipation is now gone; my skin stopped cracking and even my face looks brighter. Everyone tells me I look 15 years younger."

L.M., West Hollywood

   "Got rid of my Flu only in three days right before my flight! Now I get my Immunity Boost before every flight, whenever I'm in LA and I'm golden. Damir is Great! Even though he is relatively young, he knows what he's doing."


 Daniel, Toluca Terrace

A Wonderful Gentle Acupuncturist!


   ​​"I went to Damir with a terrible migraine that I lived with for almost 7 years. I was skeptical at first, but he took time to explain everything and answer my questions which made me very comfortable and helped me relax. Headache got better instantly and were gone after only six treatments, which is almost a miracle! "

Sara, Downtown LA

I can finally breath! 


   "I saw Damir two months ago for my anxiety attacks that made my asthma problem worse. Immediately after the first treatment I felt much better. Now, 10 visits later I finely am in control of my emotions and had fewer asthma attacks in the past few months even though its an allergy season. Thanks Damir!"

K.D., Burbank

Acupuncture that works, LA, CA
What Our Patients Say About Us or
Three more reasons to Book an Appointment Today:



1. Undivided attention and respect for your time - You do not need to wait in line for your treatment. We are working late into the evenings and on weekends, so you do not need to take the time off from work.


2. Well versed and very informative - you do not need to look for an interpreter, we will everything in a plain English so you understand what procedures physician will perform and what they are for.


3. Effective and affordable treatment in Los Angeles Area - you do not need to go out of your way and look for specialist with a medical background in China or Korea. A complete course for the high level care is available for you in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, ask about a personal discount, and you may save up to 50% on your next treatment.

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